2020 Verified Charity Donors

Want to target Charity Donors Mailing Leads?

These leads contain individuals from 50 states of the USA who have made some form of donation within the last three years or who use some charitable institutions. You can target specific donors based on several filters like Demography, Gender, Donors Types, etc.


Search Donors

Search our vast charity donors database using hundreds of available filters, including State, County, City, State, Zip, and many more. See the Count before you export.

Preview Charity Donors Leads

Before exporting the Charity, Donors leads preview those to make sure you got all the information you were looking after. Previewing leads before exporting won't cost you any credits!

Export Leads and Start Campaign

Export thousands of Donors in a click and start your mailing or tele campaign. You can export leads as a CSV file, so you can import and start your campaigns instantly.

Looking for 2020 fresh charity donors leads? You're in the right place!


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