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Read some common questions about the Affiliate Marketing Program.

Are there any monthly targets I need to hit?
No, there are no monthly or yearly targets. However, your earnings will depend on your selling. The more you sell, the higher the payouts you will be paid!
How can I join the program?
Register your self at, and a unique referral link will be generated for you, that you can share with your friends, business associates, and anyone in your Sphere of Influence. Anytime we are receiving a client from your link, you’ll get paid. You can share the link directly from our dashboard.
How do I monitor my progress and track my payments?
Once you sign up for the affiliate program, you will get instant access to the affiliate dashboard. From there, you can get your unique referral link, and you can share that link directly from the dashboard itself. You can also track your earnings, payouts, and unique visitors from your dashboard.
How quick and reliable is your Support Team?
Leadscampus Support Team usually replies within a couple of hours during business hours once we receive any complaints.
What does it mean by Affiliate Program?
With this program, you will receive a unique referral link to share. You can share this link to your social media profiles on your website or can refer us directly to your friends and family. For each paid customer, you will receive 50% of their payments.
Do I need to pay anything to become an affiliate partner?
You do not need to pay anything to become an affiliate partner of Leadscampsus. You can start right away by registering your self at -
How much commission will I earn for every successful referral?
You will receive a flat 50% of their subscription fees. We provide the highest commission in this industry. Payouts will get cleared every Friday.

Leadscampus Affiliate Program

Affiliate Marketing & Tracking with ZERO investment

The best affiliate marketing platform from the leads industry! Track all your visitors, payments, and payouts from your dashboard in real-time.

Register today to get access to your affiliate dashboard right away - so that you can start bringing new clients on board. You can share your unique referral link to several social media platforms directly from your dashboard.

We will provide you several marketing materials time to tome, so you can use those to attract more visitors towards your unique affiliate link.

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